August 3, 2010

New Malayaian Airlines Uniform - the Mahathir Suit

I think we have been seeing too much of the herbal green suits of the MAS stewards and for too long too. So when flying with the small planes of MAS wings it was quite delightful to see a change....When I took this photo of the nice young man who served me coffee instead of the regular orange (me having fever that day) I thought I should thank him by taking a photo of him. He obliged and stood so nicely for me....His new suit is only three days old.

He speaks good English and is most well trained with a great smile. May be a little rare nowadays. But MAS should always keep its high standards.

I do think it is a good hobby to take photos of people who are kind and providing good service.

Thanks MAS Wings for the nice coffee.


Ann said...

May be you can get MAS to sponsor your cause, to bring cancer awareness in Sarawak. You fly with this handsome steward all round the country.

Sorry about your MIL and Aunty.

I am surprised that Breast cancer is not publicised. I remember just before I went to Canada, I was teaching in kai Chung school in Binatang. One of the students' mum had BC. There were a lot of hush hush talk of how her nreasts were mutilated.

When you get your cause going, you can invite me to come back and give talks, and show off my scars.

Having said that, I confess I don't do my monthly examinations. So after each screening, Whew!!!!

When I was in NTU as a professor's wife, this is what my friends and I talk about. The Ang Mo women with big B say it is very painful. Imagine a papaya being pressed between two steel plates. When I went, boy, was it painful.

We came to the conclusion, big also painful , small also painful , because they have to pull and dig you out to compress.

Last month, I actually spoke with a radiographer. She confirmed it. She said, Asian B is the hardest, the digging and pulling. OUCH!!!!

I didn't want to write this on my post. I suppose it is universal knowledge.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hahaha Ann
That would be really nice -- flying MAS and with this nice young man.

Seriously someone should do more for Breast Cancer here....if any one is doing anything it is usually too far away in KL.

We do have a good palliative support group in Miri but it is too small to help adequately. I think they don't have enough support from local women. I know some are so overworked!!

I never did like being sandwiched between two cold ouch ouch ouch...and I started to imagine that I have too many lumps...

over here perhaps I should start a posting about M-m graphy....but it might be too explicit...may be one day I would find someone who does not mind to sacrifice a bit for BC. or may be I could find a youtube on it...

Thanks for being so understanding. Carry on with your good work.

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