August 19, 2010

Pelita Honey Grilled Chicken Wings

This is one cool guy in Miri. A one man show indeed.

At about ten in the morning he  brings  his containers filled with the day's marinated chicken wings. The marinade is honey and soy sauce and perhaps one or two other secret ingredients.

He will then set his charcoals on fire. He said that he uses only "real" charcoal. No wonder the fragrance of the charcoal fills up the whole area here. This is called the Pelita area which is popular amongst the lunch crowd and the 9 to 5 tribe!! You will know that he is absent when you don't smell his charcoal fire.

He is very relaxed when he works. And he loves each of his chicken wings.

A closer look at his charcoal box grill. The charcoals are just at the right distance from the meat to give it a slow fire to make the chicken wings cook thoroughly. I dislike biting into a chicken wing that is crispy on the outside and still bloody and half frozen in the inside. The taste of salt is just on the outside. But the guy's chicken wings are tasty to the bones! And the honey coating is real! Ho Chiak! And you might really have to lick your fingers. Eat slowly and meditate is the style when you buy from him. 

This is a very interesting communal coffee shop system. You can sit and have a cup of kopi -o from the coffee shop. And then pick up a plate of" economy rice" - a popular term in Miri with some vegetables (l ringgit per scoop) from a neighbouring shop and a soup "kosong". Or better still you can have a great plate of nasi lemak from the Halal stall. All these will go well with the honey grilled chicken wings. And your lunch is less than RM9.00.  These huge chicken wings are at 2 ringgit each.

Look at the plastic chairs - two...he knows  ergonomics to give himself a good back. By the way when his chicken wings for the day are finished he will pack and go home which may be five in the evening. Sometimes he finishes at two. His products are very limited. And we call his stall "limited edition". So don't be surprised his bookings are long and you might not get your chicken wings if you just drive by.

 You need to book. And he speaks excellent English amongst other languages.


Ann said...

CY, were you taught this song?

Re: second hand goods, clothes furniture etc. My Singapore experience tells me that Chinese people don't want this.

I don't eat much chicken wings, thought they are very yummy.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann
I am struggling with my Streamyx...actually wanted to send out so many emails by the weekend. But then need technical help...

Read your posting on sakura ...beautiful and I listened to the old songs...Yes we sang this song in Girl Guides too...and in the school.
No...the Chinese still don't like second hand shops. But perhaps many today may go to the flea market and look for something special.

I think second hand shops (Next Change is a good name) are social boons.

all3 said...

Wow...I love chicken wings..must go have a try one fine day...but I don't like the booking part. So menyusahkan...hehe...

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Just go early about 11...It is only his reputation I heard...May be one day we can go together with the gang. God bless.

Anonymous said...

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