September 13, 2010

Celebrating a Friend's Achievement

(This posting is long overdue..the occasion was held after the Sultan's Birthday in August)

When a brother receives an award from the Sultan it is time to celebrate!!

A few weeks' ago His Majesty the Sultan celebrated his royal birthday and awarded many loyal citizens with grand awards.

The honour is sublime because Brother Simon who is not  Brunei -born has come a long long way. He has worked hard in his industry to be where he is today.

To celebrate this award with him the small Sarawak Dayak Community came together for a community style celebration with prayers and special indigenous food. The evening was boisterous and happy. Blessing like this does not come every day!!

Solidly pressed and cooked until tender - Iban Pork cooked in bamboo.

Buffalo meat braised in soy sauce


The celebration party was held at the home of Apai and Indai Wes. A proper Roman Catholic thanksgiving prayer was said in full before the partying and eating began.

The recipient of award from the Sultan of Brunei - Brother Simon  who is recognised as big brother amongst the Ibans even though he is a LaKiput whose origin is in the Baram of Sarawak.

Food was laid out on a beautiful table ..

Well bbq pork - Iban style - very popular

This preserved bamboo shoot -
taken from the jungle nearby. Prepared by a sister.

Restaurant cooked Mixed Vegetables of foreign origins.

This is a special Sarawak golden brinjal cooked with fish.

Ulam of cucumber and pegaga with chili sauce

young tarap cooked in coconut milk.

Fish fillets in chili sauce

Pork bones with kiam chye soup


Bamboo canister of well cooked pork - tender and juicy.

Ladies enjoying their food.

The ladies demonstrating their poco poco...a must nowadays.

The young ones who will grow up to be loyal Brunei citizens....


Ann said...

What did he do?

To join the Sundaystill, you go to this link. They tell you the topic, You post you photos according to their topic, and link back. Tell them you have posted.

I catually prefer the Fridayshootout. They are are closer knit group.

Ann said...

My Uncle D came over, I asked if he knew you and your husband. But I don't know what your husband does, so I couldn't tell him.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks...I will try later..will study the differences first...should be exciting.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Simon is a business man from Miri (originally from St. Joseph School of Miri) and was also a very famous athlete from Miri. He joined a big family business in Brunei starting off as a clerk and then slowly moved up. Very shrewd in Business!! Good Catholic.

Your uncle D same age as me? I will email you...Cheers.

Ann said...

My uncle David Kong is a few years older than you. Worked initially in Land and survey in Sibu, then in Miri. Became a property developer. His latest project, built the shopping centre with the Bishop. ( I saw the project) nothing fanciful.

He is known in the golfing circle. Now commutes Auckland and Miri. he is a Hakka, but when he speaks Foochow, you won't know he is not.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I see....I have not met him...he must be friends with another lawyer CC Lau from whom I bought my house....thus your Uncle would sort of know several of my friends....

Good to know a good Hakka who speaks good Foochow...hehehehe. The shopping Mall is called Mederka Mall...looks grand...haven't been there though...

By the way the Bishop (good man too) would defnitely want to put haloes(?) on some people's heads...


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