October 22, 2010

Crossing the Solent

Dukes and princes crossed the Solent to meet with Queen Victoria at Osborne House ....and the Isle of Wight became a popular holiday sport for politicians and wealthy heiresses....

Today the IOW is one of the most visited islands in the world. So my friends and I too crossed the Solent to see for ourselves what the whole island is all about!!

We have come from Borneo and travelled to the British Isles and crossed a stretch of water to visit another island. The ferry crossing was interesting in the cold autumn afternoon.

We used the big ferry. Not the catamarran or the hovercrafts which are the other options.

Leaving Portsmouth we saw these lovely buildings in soft colours. Lots of lorries cross the Solent too.

One of the ferries. They have names like St. Cecilia etc.

Spice Inn...nostalgic places and place names.

Superb English architecture and nice sandy beach.

Clean and clear water....

The cold autumn wind blowing at Kevin....He prefers the Sarawak weather.

One of the four Spitbank Forts. Called Palmerston's Follies. No gunshot was ever fired from here. This was built to defend England against Napoleonic attacks.

A beautiful scene - nice yacht against beautiful white cloudes and an island.  I wish I had a more powerful zoom lens.


Anonymous said...

who is Kevin?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Kevin is my friend's husband. The couple drove us to the island and we had a lovely time staying with them in their London home....

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