October 26, 2010

The Garlic Farm (part two) - Lunch at the Cafe

Written on 29th Sept 2010.

We got up early and excited to do the whole island today!!

It was a different kind of waking up - cool quiet air outside and flowers below our windows. The glass on the widows was icy cold. Outside the hotel wooden door was a chill which tingled the skin. But nevertheless I went for a lovely autumny English morning walk to wake up the soul.

A splendid afternoon was a hot lunch at the Garlic Farm Cafe. Perhaps not many Asians are googoo ga ga about garlic which is so much part of our diet. But to find a whole farm dedicated to GARLIC and a whole CAFE offering special menus with GARLIC chutneys and relishes....37 Vampire chutneys? Well that was quite unique. And all four of us being garlic lovers we were led to an outside table first. The kind waiter promised us an "inside" table aSAP. But we had a good waiting time - watching some hens getting near us and enjoying the cool farm air. Even the rain had a special welcome touch !!

The cafe was full so we were placed on the patio with a promise of a table inside when it was available. The waiters were really busy and a few of them were new. But we were happy customers from overseas. Kevin and Margaret are Londoners who are not "difficult" customers. Above all Kevin was a good "teacher of all things English...I mean all English Food!!" We really appreciate that. No tour guide I have come across can do better.
In less than 10 minutes we were seated in the main dining area with 1950's music in the air and quiet conversations all around. Waiters and waitresses were busy and couldn't keep eye contact long enough!!  The diners were almost elbow to elbow and tables very close but politely distant enough to each other. 

A bowl of tomato soup served with lovely farm fresh bread and lots of butter!! The table has a lovely jar of fresh flowers.

Our huge lunch plate - good club sandwich with lots of salad on the side. Butter and chutney come in lovely little bowls. Note the huge slice of cheese on the left!!

A beautiful plate of salmon with great garnishing and farm bread of fantastic texture.

Just nice and tender fish with a large slice of lemon and side salad makes a wonderful lunch.

Lovely chutney.

Fresh garden salad from the farm.

 Chili Con Carne - excellent and full bodied tomato taste.

Yes there is even Garlic Ice Cream for you if you are keen to explore new tastes!!

Coffee was lovely.

The cashier was chatty  but the full house did get into his head a little.
 Any way it was a lovely afternoon and the place was warm and spirited!!
 Excellent business idea of the family which has been running the farm for more than 30 years. Any one visiting the Isle of Wight should make a few hours  or even a half day stop here. And especially those who have come half way round the world.

Compliments to the chef!!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sarawakania, love the pics here. And garlic is good for us....imagine food or sambal without garlic.
I missed going to this Isle when in UK.....
Maybe one of these days.
Oh ya, one thing I don't eat is tomatos, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Uncle Lee
Long time no see....no one can have sambal without garlic or onions...Many people do not like tomatos.

So what do you put on your salad plate to make it colourful?

Have a good week...or what is left of it...God bless.

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