October 24, 2010

Isle of Wight....more photos.

A man and his three dogs on a walk. This nice young man was pleasant to tourists like us and introduced us to his lovely dogs and a little more about the Isle of Wight. He loves his dogs so much that he could not give away all to friends. He ended up keeping three when one would be good enough.

Little bundles of love and joy.

These red leaves are pretty creepers which keep a nice house colourful and looking good in autumn and early months of winter.

Judy pointing to a new species she has not seen before.

Are these Daddy Long Legs or huge mosquitoes? I did not remember to put a coin next to them...they are actually still alive...but in a "daze". May be getting ready to hibernate.

This is a sign we Malaysians should start having.

There are lots of interesting wells like these all over the UK. Not many people drop coins and make a wish but a little goes a long way to help.....and it is a nice way to get support.

Instead of asking people to buy up lots of booklets of coupons for parking...you get to pay and display in a car park. Most counties (daerah or pekan) use this method. There is a good human touch to it and you do not have to be hounded by councils to pay surcharges.

Judy and I found Charity shops very intriguing. I picked up one or two items of antiques and there were lots of second hand books (but too heavy to carry all the way back to Malaysia). Little bits of ceramic ware would be nice to purchase at very low prices and again...the items would just go into pieces due to poor cargo handling at some points. It has happened!! There are other treasures for you if you have the time to look for them. Coffee and tea was served to people who drop by and you put some money in the collection box for the refreshments offered by the volunteers who were so chirrupy and humourous in the English manner.

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