October 22, 2010

Some nature studies on the Isle of Wight

the Isle of Wight is full of beautiful flowers. Most of the names I do not know. so I hope my readers will help me out here. They are too beautiful to go unnamed!!

this is a hydrangeo in its palest of colours - light pink. Hydrangeas are native of Southern England.

Roses which are plentiful are lovingly grown and displayed....most houses are not "kept" in by tall fences.  So usually tourists enjoy a great eyeful when they take their walks in the evening.

lovely fuschias ...brilliant purple and red

Passion flower.

Pink variety of fuchsia.


Beautiful pale pink flowers...view from the top.

Hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much I had taking them....Joy !!


Ah Ngao said...

they're so lovely,so different from our tropic S'wak 's flowers - wow!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yeah....they last longer too...many of our flowers are flash in the pan and fly by night...ie. live one or two days only. Except for the Borneo Orchid and some other hybrids.

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