October 14, 2010

Walking in London Taking in the Sights

Londoners are different from Malaysians. They don't put up huge signs like "Kamdar" all over the place. But they will put BEDS BEDS BEDS like this. And the outlet sells refrigerators too. This is actually a household retail outlet. No...it is not where you can sleep for a night. For that you have to find a B and B ( Bed and Breakfast)

No..this is not a place where you find a maker of books. This is where you place your bets legally...(gamble)

Many Pubs here have interesting names and they usually have a symbol to go with their name. So here..Goose goes with a real scupture of a golden goose. This is probably centuries old...the symbol helps the olden customers who could not read!! Some popular names are " The Red Lion" ;"The Bull" etc. It is quite an interesting research actually to go into heraldry of public places (hence pubs). I suppose it won't be wrong if we have a pub in Malaysia having a name like "Cawan" and you have an artistic cup hanging up there to attract the customers!! Well I suppose Angsa is quite a nice name...and you can have the golden goose.

The ubiquitous British Telephone Booth......it is still so symbolic of good communication and a comfort to sight one.

Public libraries are every where.

For 6.3 pounds a day you can travel on buses or on the Underground the whole day in London. And that's a good way of spending your English pounds.

Morrisons is supermarket like Tesco ..and it is nice to be inside when it is raining outside. And you can just stare at all the rows and rows of fresh food and vegetables!! Amongst other things of course.

Even though it is autumn now I can still catch beautiful petunias and roses grown in this way along the side walks....the councils are veru proud of their floral displays actually. If you have heard Chelsey has a great flower show every year. Now flower shows are spreading all over the world. Recently Taipeh had one.

There are indeed so many things to see in London....The streets are very well maintained in my opinion. And I am glad so many physically challenged people can even whizz along in their motorised and remote controlled wheelchairs!!


Ann said...

So you had a great holiday. I suppose the weather was good, and the fellowship even better.

Jane ZR -UK said...

Beautiful photos of Stratford [the Olympic venue] and the surrounding areas. I am sure you did see the Olympic site and the many stadiums which are progressing very well in time for the Olympic. I am glad you enjoyed your short stay in UK.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ann
The fellowship was wonderful....and the countryside better than ever....I only wish I have a camera than can do wonders....Canon Gll is fairly ok.....

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Jane...Yes I was in Stratford and saw some of the buildings going up for the Olympics village...In 1994 I was there too and it was still just "awakening"...later my friend who lived in Seagrave Road moved to Launceston of Cornwall...my destination this time. I studied in Plymouth.

Daniel Yiek said...

At one stage, there was plans to make it mandatory for Malaysians to apply for visa to enter England after the terrorist scare.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Daniel..praise God we are still able to enter UK without a visa....I hope the rule for Commonwealth countries stays.

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