December 15, 2010

Heart of Borneo - Tree Planting

After a long boat ride across the Danau we were briefed by the Park Officials on the state of the national Park. A lovely video was also shown and we met many very qualified people who answered our questions.

We were given a package including a lovely calendar as gifts to take home! How unexpected that was. Honey was the only item sold in the Danau National Park. Many of our members bought a couple of bottles.

The field trip to Danau Senterum concluded with a tree planting ceremony at Bukit Tekenang. Our Datuk Seri Edmund Langgu and two other headmen from Sarawak Contigent planted three trees in the Danau National Park to commemorate our visit.

It would be nice if we could visit again next year to see how the trees grow....

Datuk Seri was magnificient in planting the tree!

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