December 25, 2010

My Christmas Dinner

We cooked for ten people when there were only seven of us at home for Christmas dinner. For one never knows who may drop by. We had had our share of "the proverbial uninvited guest" with the greatest of Christian charity results. While we remain simple in our life style we are adventurous in our food preparation.

This year my son came up with his version of Christmas Eve dinner and I came up with a special five spice and belly pork stuffing for the turkey. We tried to use as little sugar as possible.

Red Snapper cooked in a casing of home pounded Bario Salt and Himalaya Sea Salt
Turkey with a whole slice of belly pork as its stuffing - the five spice aroma with the gravy is heavenly. Angels sing!
A sweet savoury bean cooked in this huge pumpkin is very tasty as a starter. My son carefully carved out the pumpkin by 2 p.m. in his preparation.
Greek Salad - easy peasy (no peas though) - prepared by my daughter.

Charcoal bbq leg of wildboarprepared in the backyard (leg was bought from hunting friends who live in Tutong of Brunei.)

Savory rice cooked with black eye peas and some minced pork with lots of onions and garlic and cumin. Lovely taste - unusual family planted  red rice from Tutong too. I created the recipe because the rice is fantastically unique and not found in the ordinary market. It is both chewy and sweet - a cross between the Chou Mi (unpolished rice) and the best of the local rice.

The traditional mince pies - Iceland brand - from Seria of Brunei - easy dessert - so I did not really cook this meal!!

As we ate dinner we prayed in our hearts that all our friends and relatives were too having a roof over their head (Mary and Joseph had to stay in an animal shed as there was no room in the inns) and a bowl of nourishing food (I am sure Mary and Joseph brought their little picnic basket or the registration of their son and their own census) in front of them as Christ was born in Bethlehem more than 2000 years ago.

What are your thoughts this Christmas?

Blessings at Christmas for everyone!!


William said...

Seeing the way we feasted, my thought is for those who are hungry. May they find food today... which would last eternity.
Perhaps, next time, I should just drop in during meal time... but have to wait till I have only three around.

Anonymous said...

Dear William...feel free to drop by...We have enough five loaves and two fishes to share!!

And with a turkey you can have lots of meat to share!!

Glad to see you are up and about.....


wenn said...

wow..merry xmas!

t.p.tong said...

w0w ! you really had a rich and tasty christmas dinner !

Bengbeng said...

now after seeing this pic i regret not going to some nice hotel somewhere for xmas dinner :)

u r a great cook

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks dear....hope you will have joy and peace and of course prosperity in the year 2011

Sarawakiana@2 said...

tp Tong
Christmas eve dinner is usually for family because my kids would have just arrived and we could just rustle some intelligent fare for the evening. This year a small number is just nice for my small kitchen to handle.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Didn't Wushu Association give a Christmas Dinner for the group? Christmas dinner at a hotel is different altogether. Another level for another kind of celebration I think.
God bless.

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