January 12, 2011

Am I related to some Chinese surnamed Lee?

I was buying my vegetables in E Mart when this man caught my eye. I spoke to him in Chinese first and then he laughed.

Because it was not too crowded he told me that he was often mistaken by customers . In fact he was actually born a Chinese and he remembers his family name as Lee. But because his family was running away from the curfew and the resettlement of the Chinese in Bau and Serian he was some how "lost". A kind hearted man picked him up and adopted him. That was how he became a Muslim.

He did not go to school much because "it was a difficult time" and he also was moved from place to place.

Today he is earning a small income by selling jungle produce at E Mart in Miri.

I told him I would take his photo and help him through my blog at least to get some attention from some readers. Would he be able to trace his birth family? He said that it had taken him more than 50 years already but nothing seemed to have come up.

He sells petai in E Mart. He said he was not too positive about finding his real family.

Can any kind person help?


Ann said...

I was curious about Petai when I read LAT.

But it was only in Singapore that I ate it I quite like it, no smell.

Sorry, my dad's mum family are Lees, but they are in Sibu. Don't think he is one of us.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann
Seems you are the only one who responded to my posting!! I went to see him at the E Mart last week and no one has approached him about his relatives.....He is still selling his petai happilyh.

Petai and prawn curry is an excellent Thai dish. I love petai... I think I have named him Petai Lee.

Lee is a big family name. It must be nice to be well related to your grandmother's family!!

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