January 19, 2011

Rojak Sauce from Sibu by Hajah Ayang Sara

I went to Sarikei not too long ago and was amazed by the prosperity and the bustling of the town folks.

The simple business people were easy to talk to and we learn whee the foods come from. It is always more interesting when you are assured of the hands which grow the food you buy.

Here's a couple from SIBU who were selling their own rojak sauce in Sarikei....And the couple speak good English.....

Sambal rojak Petis Serbaguna from Hajah Ayang Sara
No.98 Kampung Datuk
96000 SIBU
Telephone 013-5650378


Ann said...

is that all the stock they have?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes...I think they only come from Sibu to sell just about 30 bottles per week? They came by motor bike!

And it now takes about 1 hour to reach Sarikei. It was raining so my friend Judy and I bought 6 bottles from them. They gave us their address in Sibu to help them promote...Quite good really .

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