March 31, 2011

Braised Pig's Head and Three Side Dishes

My grandmother Tiong Lian Tie used to tell me " No one can do things better than yourself. Don't depend on others." Because of the family philosophy almost every one of us equipped ourselves with a lot of skills by learning from others or from each other.

One of the skills I learned from home to be carried wherever I go to is preparation of food from scratch. (I only could not carry the stone grinder every where I go...).

Here's the preparation of my dinner with an Aunt who came to visitg.

A whole pig's head.- took about two hours to prepare - very patiently and lovingly. And of course I took photos as I went along......(Check my facebook if you like)

The bones went to make a soup with cauliflower and wild mushrooms.

The better meat all braised with extra cumins and fennel (no sugar)

Pineapple  shoots

Stir fried pineapple shoots (I did not use a food processor)

A friend from Kapit gave me a bunch of his Filipino salad leaves.

Stir fried Filipino vegetables.


LadyKath said...

Simply delicious!! ;)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sarawakiana, looks delicious. But I guess I take a pass re pig's head or trotters, ha ha.
My wife loves them though. She will cook these, not same as yours, but her Cantonese style....but will add other parts for me.
Nice pics. You a good photographer.
Have fun.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes it was...But the fun was in the preparation!! I liked the soup very much. May be it is because mushrooms are just so wonderful!!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Uncle Lee

thanks for visiting!! Have a great day today!! And in due time..happy grandparenting...

Ann said...

how come you know all these veg that I never even heard of?

I heard of something new, the blacks in South america cook SOUL food, they use pig trotter which dated back to the slaves days. Pig trotters were given away as the Ang Mos regard them as rubbish.

Did you remember the book Angela's Ashes? They got a sheep's head.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann
These are Filipino veg. I have a good friend Florentina and it also only recently I got to know about the veg she has been growing in the last few years. Moringa (which I will introduce another day) was introduced by my Prof friend who plants it in Brunei. It is also very popular in the Philippines. And I found that Florentina has 5 trees in her backyard!! I will tell the other tales later.
Yes soul food has many many pig parts...even small intestines we chinese who eat four legged beings except chairs and tables.

Yes the book is so sad and yet humourous. I have F. McCourt's whole set...He was a good teacher. He inspires me.

Ann said...

I used to cook very yummy pork trotter, even people from PRC say they were very good.

But the husband worries about being fat. I haven't cooked it here in NZ.

Here, now you can buy anything in the Chinese grocery store. There is this NGIU DAN, cow's egg. I didn't dare to ask what it is.

Pity he husband not adventurous about food, I am tempted to buy some intestines, but nobody eats.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes Ann. Cantonese are good at cooking different parts of the pig..especially trotters.

If hubby does not want to venture...well...better for you...less work! Intestines are difficult. I won't really try.

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