March 1, 2011

Fisherman in Sg. Merah - Ikan Enseluai

A fresh tray of Ikan Enseluai sold in the Kedayan Market in Miri. the Enseluai is a fresh water fish. It is considered a very clean fish as it appears during a rainy day and swims fast at the top of flooding river to catch any small seeds or fruit found floating on the surface of the river. It is therefore considered a "clean fish". It has a fine texture and a sweet taste. It is now sold at RM16 per kg in Miri.


My friends and I took an evening walk in Sungei Merah's Heritage Walk - a sort of tourist area but is a memorial to Wong Nai Siong and the 1118 Foochow Pioneers co-jointly established by the Government and the Foochows. This was mooted many years ago and was only partially completed not too long ago. Several parts are still in the planning stage "due to lack of funds".

In between the Wong Nai Siong Memorial and the Hoover Garden is the Kampong Nangka Melanau Cemetery.

This fisherman and his partner were the focus of our evening's photography. Enjoy!

It was drizzling a little and we caught a couple watching their "pukat" which is a long fishing net a fisherman can put into the water and wait for the catch to come. After a few hours of waiting the fisherman will pull the net up. Actually this was a very interesting mix of fishing here. The river bank is a little too high and the water a little low. But the fish called ikan enseluai got caught - enough for a family to share. The enseluai is a nice and tasty fish when deep fried in batter. It is called rosefin rasbora in English.

Here the young Iban fisherman slowly pulls up his home made net - the floats are little tiny bits of recycle styrofoam.

He methodically pulled up his net and folded it carefully. The flowing river would bring dead leaves too into his net.

Here he pulled up the some fish caught in the net...and his carefully folded net.

There were some fish in the net!! All this while the couple did not speak to each other and she with the umbrella kept very quiet as he slowly pulled the net in . May be there is a taboo against speaking.....while fishing.

Here he turned around with his whole net.

Now his partner had the net as he collected all the fish  into a container. I noticed his fish did not touch the cement and were still all alive!!

What a lovely evening meal from Sg. Merah....

And my apologies to the couple - I did not ask them regarding their identity but they were nice enough to let us photograph them. I hope I am not invading too much into their privacy by writing this.....

And a lovely after must be nice to bring a partner all dressed up in mini dress and high heels..with a nice umbrella...I was thinking too  it is a good way to multi task - fishing and dating at the same time...100 marks for the boy and girl..

Thanks for this wonderful chance meeting on the banks of Sg. Merah and with the rain still drizzling.

Interesting note: .
.the Silver rasbora lives in the benthopelagicfreshwater, pH range: 6.5 - 7.0, dH range: 10 environment.
The silver Rasbora is eaten in Laos. It sings! Contact for editing purposes: email: Editor: Date first published: 1997 Publication: The Fish Flash, Greater Portland Aquarium Society http://www.gpas. More
Rasbora myersi (the silver Rasbora) is abundant throughout the country, but it is only eaten in this northern portion of Laos, where it is referred to as Pa sieu.


Ann said...

the talking just chases the fish away lol.

Ann said...

Sandra Hii, is she related to William Hii? I may be related to her by 2 degrees of separation. Where is your Aunty?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ann....I think the pantang/taboo is in the patience of waiting for the fish to get stuck in the net...and the silence helps.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Sandra Hii is related to several of the Hii's who come from the 24 Acres and Ah Poh area. Her father is a strong Methodist in Sibu. Many of my aunts are actually married to the Hii's. My mother's first cousin is Sandra's great grandmother and sister of William Lau's father...Complicated. This makes Sandra Hii's father Hii Lu Lok my nephew.....Sandra is younger than my eldest daughter. Will there be a miracle?

Bengbeng said...

such a lovely photographic opportunity.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi...I actually was struggling with the lighting. In the end I just used AUTO...however the photos are ok....I love the end results in pinks and blues. I am sure a Pentax or a Nikon or any other DSLR would have been wonderful to bring out the best of the scenario...Not much space on the right too....Any tip?

Ah Ngao said...

yes,its a rasbora. normally they're not bigger than that. last time i got this fresh water fish from my brother in Sibu called supit or sunpit ,...something like that - very tasty when fried.theres one type bigger in size,orange in color with a long sword tail and its normally fried - like fried fish,Sarawakiana ?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks Ah Ngao for identifying the fish. Very tasty when deep fried ...and with some good cold sunset too and without the mosquitoes!!!

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