March 10, 2011

New Book Launching and Forum for 110th Foochow Settlement Anniversary in Sibu

Wong Nai Siong : New Book Launching cum Forum

Date : 2011 March 13th - Sunday

Time : 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.
Venue : Kingwood Hotel in Sibu

Topic : Foochow Settlement in Sibu : Pioneering Spirit

The event will see the launching of a new book on Wong Nai Siong the Foochow man who at the end of the Qing Dynasty brought 1118 Foochows to settle in Sibu in 1901. The author of the book is his great grand daughter who is residing in Melbourne.

The event will be declared open by the Chairman of the Sibu Foochow Association Mr. Tiong Kiong King. Three speakers  will be featured in the forum following the launching of the new book. They are Dr. Pang (the author) and her translator Ms.Choo will speak on various issues about Wong Nai Siong. A Sibu born writer - educator Ms. Ling Huong Yian will touch on the younger generation's perspective of the pioneering spirit of the Foochows.


2.30pm 工作人員抵步
2.40pm 來賓及參與者抵步
2.50pm 主賓抵步
3.00pm 司會:《黃乃裳》新書推展禮暨講座會歡迎詞
3.10pm 主賓張建卿主席致詞兼主持推展禮
3.30pm 講座會開始
3.30pm  講題(一)“到底光餅、鼎邊糊、乾麵有那些地方與眾不同?”
4.00pm  講題(講題: “我對黃乃裳其人其事的看法”
4.20pm 講題(三):“從新生代看福州拓荒精神”



Ah Ngao said...

a very brave man

Anonymous said...

I thoyght he was deported???

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ah Ngao...yeah...he wore many hats...and most important of all he was a Christian and a man of knowledge.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Anonymous...yes he and the Rajah were not in good terms.

Ann said...

I would love to be in a book launch.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

One of these days Ann - you would be having a book launching of your own...and I am looking forward to your achievement!! Best of Wishes.....

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