March 19, 2011

Organic Ang Koo Kuih without the red colouring

Chinese New Year holidays mean that family members can get together and have a great time.

Special bonding is derived by making kuih together. Even though the Ang Koo is not a Foochow kuih my sister can make them very well. But she does not add artificial colouring.

Early in the morning my son went out to cut one long banana leaf for her and in no time they made their beautiful ang koo simple! yet such good memories remain....

1. 350 g green peas or leh tou(soaked for 5 hours, drained and skin peeled)(You can use mashed sweet potato or store bought lotus paste)
2. some two tablespoons or the amount you like sugar
3. 1 packet 750 g glutinous rice/pulut flour
4. 2 tbsp cornflour
5. a dash of red colouring (optional)
6. olive oil (for coating)
7. banana leaves

Ang Koo Kueh Method Step By Step:
1. To prepare filling: Steam green peas for 1 hour; mash peas finely. Mix with sugar and dry-fry -in pan over low heat until almost dry.

2. Mix glutinous flour with some water.

3. Mix the wet rice flour with cornflour( and red colouring). Knead mixture into a dough.

4. Divide the dough into balls (if you have - ang koo moulds) and place 1 1/2 teaspoonfuls of the filling.

5. Top the filling with some dough. Repeat process till all dough is used up.

6. Steam kuih for 10 minutes. Remove from steamer and brush kuih with a little oil.

7. Transfer to a serving plate. Cool kuih before serving.
Serves 20

Next time when some one asks you how to bond two generations simple method....teach the younger generation how to cook! how to make kuih!



Ah Ngao said...

yeah,this is good stuff - no cloring or conditioner. many times i still prefered the char siow in kolon mee without red coloring.

sintaicharles said...

Thanks for the recipe. My Mom can make good Ang Koo Kuih too. But she does not use corn starch, she uses pea starch(Lu Tou Fen).

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ah Ngao....yes...thanks.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Charles....tell me more about your mom's kuihs!! They must be nice....

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