March 20, 2011

Piasau Bridge of Miri - Soon to be TWO LANED

Piasau bridge was "fixed" by a Chinese contractor  in the early 1900's. And the materials literally came out of a box.

This might be the last few photos taken of the Bridge as it will soon have a new look. Construction is going on at the moment. So friends from Miri and Sibu do enjoy these photos!! The one lane bridge with its historical traffic light and Shell Police traffic controller would soon be HISTORY.

But it has been a "boon" to the people of Miri in general and a special short cut for the residents of the Piasau camp - the residential area of Shell senior employees which is equivalent to a resort under coconut trees actually.

In olden days this bridge also provided a short cut for people who needed to go to the Miri Hospital located at the tip of the spit.

Bicycles are still popular here - the Piasau Camp has more than 300 houses of good standing which require maids to clean and wash. The Kampong folks also depend on bicycles. The bicycles give this place a very homely and resort feel. This fuel-less vehicle should be encouraged.

The first traffic lights of Miri continue to regulate the flow of traffic here. Vehicles go one way only.

A recent sign board put up here to prevent people from jumping into the river at the bridge....Could this also help prevent suicide?

Wong Meng Lei (Rajang Basin) in a serious mood.......

A slim "pedestrian" walking towards Miri City....Note the good quality Sarawakian wooden planks.

Blue signboards of Miri....Many drivers visiting or passing through Miri find it hard to EXIT from the city. Some maps should be put up in vital points to show new "visitors" where to go to reach Brunei or Bintulu......Some signs like "This route to Asean Bridge" or "This route to Miri/Bintulu Exit" would help. Furthermore when asked many young locals also find it difficult to describe directions because they only speak the local dialect or Bahasa Malaysia. And of course some may be helpful and some not helpful at all. "Don no " is often the answer. Try asking!

I shall miss the nostalgic bridge in the future.....


sintaicharles said...

Are you saying that the bridge will be demolished and a new one will be erected across the river? By Jove, it is so steeped in history.

Was the decision made for safety purposes?

sintaicharles said...

Sorry, I did not read properly. The decision was made for convenience purposes. A two-lane bridge is better than a single-lane bridge.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Charles....the project is on going at the moment. Will feature the new new lane bridge later....I don't think the old bridge would be removed...just an additional lane. It would be interesting to note how the traffic lights would function.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Oops...may be there will be no more traffic lights.

sintaicharles said...

Thanks for the explanations.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

You are most welcome. I love this place too.