April 2, 2011

"NIK AZIZ" perfume any one? Sadeq Sigaragar

Since Malaysians do not generally enjoy April Fools' leg pulling and pranks and  some Malaysian communities are not even allowed to "remember" the day I am keeping this fun article for today - a day after April Fools' Day. Apparently no jokes or pranks have been reported.

I would have cheekily written Sadeq Sigaragar awaits you at KLCC and the promotion is on! Buy One Nik Aziz Two Free XXXXXX !! No offence to anyone  as this is just a prankish or jesty kind of jingle for advertising.

But then I would not do justice to the most admired man of my university days who took these two photos during his Haj recently.

Another point to note. When would people start paying attention to the use of perfumes? Some from a very young age. Some from books like Macbeth

"All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand." (Macbeth Act V, Scene I)

Some would develop a liking for sweet romantic scents from their readings of poetry of different cultures.

And mostly today people are enticed to buy perfumes by the media anjd last minute (chance?) purchase at airports.

Today take a look at a man who sells perfumes to pilgrims in Saudi Arabia which is world famous for good perfumes since ancient days. Even the Bible has quotations about the fragrances from Arabia..

This guy is a Bangladeshi naturalized in Saudi Arabia

Sadeq Sigaragar, is a perfume merchant in Mecca (Mekah) He sells perfumes made by himself(therefore ORI) under the labels of Siti Nurhaliza, Datuk K, Nik Aziz and even 'Anuar Ibrahim'!

His name was given by a Malaysian and he loves it. Hence that's his trade name whenever he meets Malaysians who have come for the Haj now. His "name" has endeared him to many Malaysians.

Sadeq Sigaragar is a famous character in the P.Ramlee movie 'Tiga Abdul'( a classic movie you must see especially if you are Malaysian).

What about buying 'Nik Aziz' for PAS supporters and ' Anwar Ibrahim' for PKR supporters?

Since Cheng Ho was a Chinese Muslim Navigator and had most probably been to Mecca I wonder what kind of perfume Sadeq Sigaragar would develop for him.

For ordinary days I use China Blue Talcum Powder and Body Cream from Marks and Spencers. For special occasions I might wear "Miracle" or "Red Door" for a luxuriant feel. May be one day I will get a bottle of Diamonds to remember Elizabeth Taylor or even splash myself with Chanel No.5....Perfumes help you feel good and confident..

Cheers to Sadeq Sigaragar our Merchant from Bangladesh!!

The mysteries of perfumes await all of you!!

(Photos with permission from Prof Haji Abdul Majid - BUD)


Ann said...

I thought the burque and tudong, the females are not allow to be beautiful. Why do they have perfumes?

Joke: because they don't shower, they need a mask.

Ah Ngao said...

if i happen to meet Nik Aziz at the pasar,i'd like to shake hand with him.i respect him one way or another becoz he's a sincere leader,not greedy,live in a simple house and uses a simple car.he may be religious at times,i can tolerates that.not like our pai tol fart,ta siaw thon chert.
you have a nice weekend,Sarawakiana

Anonymous said...

aiyo...Ann,they must use perfumes otherwise their hubby might accidently touch or addressed the wrong women when in a crowd or pasar shopping(especially in the evening).naturaly the hubby knows what scent their wives uses ma..
- Ah Ngao

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Actually they are allowed perfumes without alcohol..so many of the foreign brands are not for the Muslims here in Malaysia.

hahahaha...actually my hubby can smell the faint difference if I don't shower and smother it with Miracle...hahaha. and he will say sweat and perfumes don't go well together.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

nGAO..like you I would like to shake his hands too but because he is a Muslim from Kelantan he won't shake my hands!!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ah Ngao..I have often wondered how husbands can identify their wives with all those coverings...

Ann said...

if each woman had her own perfume, there must be a zillion perfumes.

The husband, and me, and the kids, we mutually don't like perfume or cologne. Once he went to US and bought me some, the kids complained. So we better shower. When I visit Malaysia, i shower 3 or 4 times a day.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Some husbands who have asthma have to be very careful with perfumes. Then there are those who are really allergic to some types of perfumes. Showering is good especially in the tropics.

Stale perfume on stale bodies can be quite intolerable....hahahahah

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