April 6, 2011

"Poco Poco has Christian influence "

Harussani Zakaria, mufti of the northern state of Perak, said the dance violated Islamic law.
"The poco-poco dance is actually a cult dance," he said. "Our research indicates that the dance really originates from Jamaica and there are many Christian rituals to it as the moves reflect the making of a cross and so is unacceptable in Islam," he added.
"The dance is also practised in the Philippines and parts of Indonesia which have a Christian majority and so the dances have many Christian influences, which clash with Islam," he said
In Malaysia, many adults practise the dance, which is considered a recreational activity to keep fit.
The origin of the "poco-poco" dance is believed to have originated in Indonesia more than 20 years ago to accompany a song of the same name.
More Poco Poco youtubes....Enjoy!!

Would Kung Fu also be placed under some form of scrutiny In Malaysia? Since it has its origin in Indian and Chinese Buddhism
Shaolin is not only the birthplace of kung fu it also a place of importance in the history of religion in China. In A.D. 527, an Indian monk named Bodhhidarma founded the precursor of Zen Buddhism after spending nine years staring at a wall and achieved enlightenment. He also is credited with creating the basic movement of Shaolin kung fu by imitating the movements of animals and birds.
 How did kung fu evolve and how did a supposedly peace-loving Buddhist sect became involved with the martial arts? Scholars speculate that monks learned to defend themselves at time when banditry was rampant and there was a lot of fighting between local warlords. The origins of kung fu are somewhat murky. There are accounts in ancient texts of monks performing feats of physical skill and strength such as two-finger handstands.........

Personally I feel that the poco poco has united many people in a simple (even homebased) social activity involving men and women and even children from all walks of life and regardless of race and religion!! So I am wondering if in the future when we include poco poco in our programmes our Muslim friends will not attend the parties?


Anonymous said...

aiyoh....,true or not ? i was just about to start a new dance routine with my partners & Co called Fart Long Kung where ones just sway,sway gelek gelek and twists ones buttock ...and now,gvn't wanna scrutize poco poco ! aiya...susah leh,cari makan in M'sia * sigh...*
- Ah Ngao

Ann said...

where have I been? I done know about this?

I suppose they don't allow zumba which is the exercise craze. Watch on TV, they have a convention here.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ah Ngao...you are hilarious...get some one to teach you poco poco...as a non Muslim you can still do it...go sway sway and gelek gelek...get your wife to join...one whole line of dancers...very nice.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann
Poco Poco is a not new...most civil servants know it. Most longhouse people know it...Chinese not so keen on it...don't know why. May be it is originated in Indonesia and not China. But I did see it in China!

Must go and see some zumba...

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