May 15, 2011

Floral Arrangement in Perth

May these photos of mine convey greetings of joy and peace to all Teachers in Malaysia on Teacher's Day...which is celebrated in the month of May...The Federal Government will usually declare which day it would choose to celebrate the National Level Teacher's Day...and grand announcements are usually made.

The boys sharing a house with my son enjoy having a floral arrangement every now and then. Perhaps they miss their mother's touches at home or perhaps they are living their dreams. My son does enjoy arranging flowers from the garden or from the store. Some simple arrangements can really make the kitchen so beautiful and at the same time "lived in".

When I visited them I was just simply impressed with their beautiful arrangement which is rich in aolour. Autumn has been brought into the house! Perth has great flowers in April....

How lovely to see the floral arrangement on the dining table....and outside in the garden the boys try to coax their garden to give out not only flowers but vegetables. I am sure the landlord is surprised. Well done boys!!

Each time I visit the city I do spend time looking at all the flowers on sale and the plants which grow in the various gardens.

and harmony

the flowers will say to you and I!!

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