May 30, 2011

Seeds for preventing nail biting (Buah Kikau)

Do you have a nail biting problem?

The Ibans of Rumah Aling believe that wearing a special charm made from this seed(buah kikau)will stop a child from biting his/her nails.

The older generation (now in their 60's) would all wear them.

Today fewer children wear them because their own parents have forgotten about this special charm.

Whenever an elder finds a tree (akak) full of these seeds she will collect them and dry them carefully. A long string of the seeds can be hung in the kitchen or backyard for over a few years and the seeds would become hard as wood.

Anyone who would like to have some can contact Madam Pantan in Rh. Aling . She would be only too happy to give you some. Pl. write to her : Madam Pantan Jiram
Rh Aling
Ulu Limbang
(Attention : Pehnghulu Robert Kunyut)

Note : Pos Office Malaysia may not be so efficient when it comes to sending mails to longhouses. So we will see if your letter can reach her!! Give it a try...


Anonymous said...

Do you know what is the Iban name for the trees?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

The name of the tree in Iban is Akak (pardon me if the spelling is wrong).

If I am wrong about the name of the tree in my next communication with Madam Pantan I will ask her again. This was a very rush interview with her and next time I must bring a tape recorder instead of just notebook.

By the way the longhouse is not under
Digi etc... coverage. On the otherside of the border the Indonesians are enjoying handphone coverage!! What a paradox. We have to go to a hill top to make phone calls.

Electricity has not yet reached the lolnghouse.

Ann said...

she shouldn't be given them away. Some one should give her a token.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks Ann....but she often says these things are free from the to put a price on it? Yeah...I would say at least 5 for RM10......

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