May 13, 2011

An Urban Orchard in Perth - Great Idea

Each time I visit Perth I find many unique and inspiring features.

There is this special feature called "Urban Orchard" on the ROOF Top of the Cultural Centre which  is located between the Perth city train station and the entertainment hub of Northbridge and is bounded by Roe, Beaufort, Francis and William Streets. At the Cultural Centre there are pedestrian bridges, over Roe Street, from the train station and the Horseshoe Bridge, and street-level access from Beaufort, Francis and William Streets.

For many of us from the Equatorial Rainforests what would one orchard be of interest? But this urban orchard is really fascintating ---–  "it is a place to celebrate the importance of growing fresh, healthy food where we live."

This was once a neglected area on the rooftop of a car park and it is now the perfect spot to eat lunch and meet up with friends. It’s also a new destination for events and activities in the Perth Cultural Centre.

As I walked around I found so many familiar plants from the tropical climes and also new herbs which I have only read about!!

Even more interesting are the planter boxes which are made from recycled waste from other parts of the building works. According to the brochures the plants are managed organically and will be harvested and planted seasonally. "This is the embodiment of sustainable community gardening and is a resource for all. The orchard will provide nutritious and tasty crops throughout the year and the community of Perth  can be involved in planting, harvesting and education events."

What a great idea!!

p/s "Each quarter the community are invited to get their hands dirty at the Urban Orchard and help to plant next season's crop, along with celebrity gardener and media personality Josh Byrne and the City Farm team. It is a family event for gardeners of all ages. "

This looks like kecepak..but it is not. A kind of citrus.

A whole orchard on a carpark roof top....Can you beat that?

Cycle parks...someone has knitted woollen covering for the rails. How considerate.

This is one place I would like to sit and wait for friends who take too long to turn up for an appointment....I won't mind waiting....


Ann said...

Or did she "Chop" the space? LOL

Sarawakiana@2 said...!!!!!

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