May 17, 2011

A Walk in the Park in Chermside (Brisbane)

the Queensland Government is clearly adamant in conservation the bushlands.

A walk in the park in the Chermside area really reveals the great natural resources the state has.

It was fun walking through the park from the Chermside Shopping Centre. Meeting the birds was pleasant. In fact there were more flora and fauna than mankind. My friend and I had a great laugh and when the rain came down she literally walked barefoot in the park!!

The brooks were singing with clear water and the birds were every where - on the ground and in the bushes.

Mushroom - question - edible or not?

turn it over....when it has this colour is edible..

Are these edible?

Nope...white underneath....

Two men crossing the wooden bridge ...umbrella in hand...they do enjoy their walk in the evening..Temperature - around 12 degrees.

Tropical rhodendron....or kamunting in Bahasa Malaysia...

Life is good for Queenslanders who live in quiet and ideal surroundings like parks and bushlands.

I love the signboards the councils and government put up.


wenn said...

i love brisbane!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes it is lovely..but I have been only to a small part of it.

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