June 28, 2011

Fat Cat of Miri

Many people I know would plan for a long day out at the Bintang Mall usually at the end of the month. And they would include a meal at Fat Cat. I have also found out that it was not just the Foochows who gather around the good hearted Fat Cat proprietor but many other dialectic groups and races (and foreigners who have discovered him)!! "Fat Cat" was also a favourite caterer for many school and church picnics as his stall is very centrally located in Miri.

What was his secret? His old style (not the corporate fashionable style) friendliness and his kindness. He would always give his customers more than they paid for. And that was true for many of his faithful home cooked food loving customers. How long  had he and his family been operating Fat Cat at Bintang Mall? 17 years. And every year his food got better.

It was a real shock to me that he and his family had to move away from his top floor spot - which has become one of the favourite eating places in Miri. And a second kitchen to many busy housewives.

Would he operate in Miri again? We have to wait and see. But in the meantime we will have to forego eating the nice curry chicken and the hot favourite - steamed minced pork with tou hoo.... His stir fried meeding was always fresh and crunchy and tasty.

The main dish which pulled me - Foochow style minced pork with tou hoo. (When I took this photo...only a little left.....oooooo)

Happy food server with a polite attitude towards all races...a winning point.

The mother figure who always gave a nice smile and an understanding nod.
The happy go lucky man..Fat Cat. He is multi lingual and is a keen observer of people. If he had gone to school he would have scored high in EQ and psychology. He used to be heavier. Now he has slimmed down and looks very young.
Mixed vegatables - quality food.
Deep fried chicken - A little Louisiana  flavour!!
Very nice tenggir - my favourite
Kicap belly pork...so nostalgically good
sweet and sour meat balls....
Sabah pumpkin shoots
Foochow style chicken curry - a winner
Special fried rice - you can order by the plate and he would fry for you with the ingredients you like!!

The busy mother would pack some lovely dishes from this stall and enjoy a nice easy meal at home...hence we shall miss him and his team a lot....Hope he comes back to Miri and we can enjoy his food again!!


sintaicharles said...

I like their economy rice and clay pot trotters.Sad that they will no longer be operating.

Ann said...

I don't eat pumpkins, but the vines looks delicious.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Charles...yes they have been of great service to students and teachers too...I shall miss their economy rice too...Cheers.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes Ann....the pumpkin shoots are lovely....

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