June 12, 2011

Fuzhou Chives Pancakes

Photo taken in Fuzhou City April 2010 - there can be 16 dishes for the tourists in a good Fuzhou restaurant catering for overseas tourists' lunch . So a food tour is a great idea in China.

The Fuzhou Chives Pancake has reached the tables of restuarants for both tourists and locals in various restaurants in Fuzhou of China. When we went there for a short visit we were treated to so many different kinds of Fuzhou snacks...and we were actually so amazed that even our dreams were full of fairies who magically prepared food with the stroke of a wand!!

This is a lovely home recipe that has made it to the chef's menu.

Basic batter from my grandmother (and from the chef)

4 tablespoons (or chinese spoon) of fresh flour
1 tsp of rice flour
1 or 2 eggs (depending on your budget)
some salt
some pepper
some sugar
a drop of fish sauce
water added to make the batter watery enough for pancake consistency.

mix the above well and let sit for one hour (or over night in the fridge)

Chopped chives from one bundle - sprinkle some salt on it to get rid of some of the moisture. Squeeze a bit before adding to batter.

Chopped small onions  (three or four) (optional)

Chopped fresh shelled prawns (about 10). Some people use the bubuk shrimps....or dried prawns if you cannot find fresh prawns ....

Method of frying:
1. heat non stick frying pan for making of pancakes.
2. Brush a bit of oil (if you like use olive oil but the taste would not be authentic Foochow taste) or even butter.
3. Use a small ladle to measure the right amount for  thin pancakes as you normally do. This of course depends on the size of your frying pan.
4. When done fold the pancakes like triangles. Serve with a sweet sauce or Thai Chili Sauce.

Enjoy with friends...and a bowl of hot  soya bean milk....


sintaicharles said...

I remember eating the pancakes when I was in Sibu joining the Junior Jaycee youth convention with my students.A girl bought six in the night market and gave me four of them. They were delicious.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Charles...I think many Foochows have forgotten about this kind of pancakes....Nice of you to say that they are delicious.

the Koreans have made their own onion pancakes very famous by showcasing them in their TV dramas...hahaha so I eat more Korean onion pancakes now....

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