June 2, 2011

Man made lake at Rumah Aling (Ulu Limbang)

Years ago Mumin decided that he could overcome the problem of water supply by digging a pond the size of half a football field between the newly planned long house and his own block of houses shared by him and his cousins. He carefully paved the bottom of the pool with river gravel ranging from the size of a human head to a small rambutan.

The soil he excavated from the land belonging to his father provided the foundation for the soon to be built long house. It was necessary to build the new long house because the older one was razed by an early morning fire. Wooden longhouses in the past were often fire hazards.

A good deed and a creative idea led to the formation of a "living pool".

The pool is no ordinary pool because there is a spring at the head of it and Mumin made an outlet on the opposite end. Today the man made lake is full of fish (kaloi and semah). It is also useful when the weather is dry and washing can be done too without affected the health of the fish. If Mumin's experiment is successful this year he will be able to harvest two kilo sized semah and kaloi. He has done all this by himself without any funding from any agency. Mumin is himself a farmer who plants padi and oil palm. His wife is his partner and is an expert in weaving besides farming alongside him.

Small children learn to swim in this pool from a young age.

This is one of the views of the pool in the morning. Mumin is seen feeding the fish. the spring is behind him. The brick wall on the left the end of the longhouse. Mumin's block is to the right.

Beauties in the pool.

Washing of clothes.....


Ann said...

Mumin is an incredible person. My uncle dug his fishpond using a digger. But the fish is kept tasted of "Mud"

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes Ann....necessity is the mother of invention rings true. But it takes quite a mighty man to move both soil and social consensus. Now every one believes that tish can be reared in this way....Water is very clear..In another time with a better camera I will try to photograph under the water!! Dream Dream Dream!! I want to see a 3 kg semah!!

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