August 18, 2011

Old Friend (Lou Peng Yiu)

Where can you get a plate of Beautiful Chicken Rice  BUT from good Old Friend in Miri?
Tucked in a little corner near the Bintang Plaza of Miri is this little shop serving breakfast and lunch.

It is called "Old Friend" - and the proprietor is really friendly and an old friend to every one who comes. His most attractive points are his smile and understanding nod. Besides customers from diverse races come here enjoy a fresh and free bowl of soup which is very tasty. Sometimes the soup has beaten egg. He has made efforts to make his soup better than other "Sup Kosong". This is a coffee shop where you won't feel threatened because you are slightly older...or different in race and colour...or even different in language.

And I can tell you he is not making empty promises where his soup is concerned!!

Past the High Court in Miri and the Melanau Association Building you will find a small road which leads to the Bintang Plaza. And along the road you can see this nice looking corner shop. The three Chinese words are Lou Peng Yiu..or Old Friend.

The tables are very clean and the stools very solid and strong. Somehow people my age are very afraid of sitting on  the usual plastic chairs.
Mixed vegetables from the Fast and Economy Food section.
One of the stall owners taking a break...
Lovely braised (pak loh) pork and eggs.
Steamed white chicken...very tender and juicy..and tasty of course.
Fresh and free bowl of curry for customers who like it.
Sweet and sour fish and you get  some veg and  rice..all for RM4.00.
The not so clear and kosong soup. Some winter melon slices in this free soup
People walk from as far as North School and Dewan Suarah to get a very reasonable lunch at RM4.00. You also get extra curry topping for your rice. I normally like a lot of Tzi or sauce with my the proprietor gives me double portion.....I still remember when I was a  uni student I bought only 30 cents rice  per plate and was grateful to the shop keeper who doused my rice with the free sauce from the chicken. I only had that kind of lunch just to save money to buy books or pay for bus fares. But that was enough as lunch. I am always very partial to shop keepers who are happy and generous in giving free sauce to customers.

Nope...for writing this I did not get a free meal...But I think the owner deserves some appreciation for his humble efforts and heartfelt kindness - the true essence of the hospitality industry.


wenn said...

Miri? if i go Miri, will look up for u, ok?

sintaicharles said...

Always walk past the coffee shop but never stop by for a meal. I will try its food next time.

Ann said...

white boiled chicken used to be a Cantonese dish, but now, everyone sells them esp the Hainese.

Sarawakiana@2 said... are most welcome...

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Charles...I have seen you walking along the road past the Makahmah ..yes do try the food there...but it can be a bit warm...go around ll.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes...I love the white boiled chicken and especially if the chicken is home grown...I have forgotten it is Cantonese in origin because I can do it myself being a Foochow....Fusion!

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