September 8, 2011

China Traditional Military Canvas Shoes and Yunnan Traditional Costumes

When I saw that it was quite a common practice for the Yunnan people to wear traditional Chinese military shoes I was impressed. The shoes are practical and long lasting and comfortable too for long distance walking.

But what was more amazing was the way the Yunnan minority nationalities women wear them with their lovely and brilliantly coloured traditional costumes. It seems the older women favour these shoes more. And it was only instinctive for me to look at the footwear. Some might even think that I was impolite looking at them from head to toe. But that was exactly what I did when I saw the beautifully dressed ladies coming towards me.

As a result I now long to buy a pair of these military shoes and wear them myself. It would just so suitable and practical for every day wear in a hot and dusty environment.

Jungle Shoe (MS06)
Chinese traditional military shoes advertised in the Internet. Really nice.

Many of my friend's relatives came to the party in their traditional costumes and wearing the practical  military shoes. The upper is canvas with camouflage patterns and the outsole is rubber. But you can also see a very nicely embroidered red shoe won by the lady on the right.
This is another pattern reaching up to the ankle. The camouflage pattern is lovely and the  outer sole must be very  hardy and long lasting for long walks in the mountains.

I am really inspired to start wearing them!!

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