September 12, 2011

Kang Ding Qing Ge

When we were young we learned a beautiful song from our elders (and vinyl record) a song called Kang Ding Qing Ge. I am dedicating this song to all my lovely cousins and sisters...and especially one cousin...Kuo Lang. Her name means Orchid of the Nation.

I cannot remember when I first heard this folk song. But I would sing it or hum it along with the radio or the vinyl record ...What I especially like about the song is the hero of the tale is a Zhang (Tiong/Chang) and it tells of a beautiful love ....

Actually as young children we never learned about the background of the song until much later in life.

 The Chinese folk song lyrics, "a galloping horse, slipping and sliding across a mountain; the half moon illuminates the Kang Ding city wall; the Li family' oldest daughter has many talents, and the Zhang family's oldest son had fallen hopelessly in love with her during the half moon," 

"The hungry sing for their supper, the farmers while at work, and those in love sing of love." So it is written in the Shijing, the oldest and greatest collection of traditional Chinese folk melodies, hailing from around 700 BCE. In these lyrics is to be found human life in all its richness.

My cousin Kuo Lang is lying in a coma with tubes coming out of her...but I know this song will soothe her. She has been part of the church choir for a long time. When will she sing again? May God bless her abundantly and take good care of her.

And for my readers...enjoy this wonderful folk song and the performance of Miss Soong Zhu Ying and P. Dominigo..and the brilliant Lang Lang on the piano.


Ann said...

yes, keep playing for your cousin,

Sarawakiana@2 said...


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