September 29, 2011

La Mien from Xian

Many of the lamian restaurants in China are owned by Hui ethnic families from Northwestern China, (in Xinjiang they are known as laghman, لەڭمەن, inUyghur), and serve only halal food (thus no pork dishes). Lamian restaurants are the most common halal restaurants in eastern China.
In Kunming we met many Hui Tribe men who are experts in the making of la mien.
Another typical variety of lamian is Shandong lamian (山东拉面), from the eastern province of Shandong.


Ann said...

you ever tried pulling the noodles?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hahahah Ann....did pull a bit of dough..didn't go far enough to make the mien....uninitiated like me cannot pull long mien.....need a lot of practice...