October 15, 2011

Dangerous Killer Wasps

Whenever the morning is fine I walk for about an hour with my friends in Luak Bay - along the stretch which belongs to the Luak Fishermen and a private owner who has filled the land well with soil and sand.

Not long ago our walks included a conversation about bees and wasps.

These wasps make a nest out of mud - Reminds of Turkish homes in the mountains
This wasps' nest has been slowly constructed at Luak Bay in the last few months.
Sea scape punctuated by a nest of dangerous wasps. Hope kids won't go and disturb it.


Ann said...

may be like in West Malaysia, some people will want to eat the queen like the do to termite queens..

Anonymous said...

I think many kids accidentally got kill because of their ignorance and naughtiness. Adults have also been killed because of their carelessness.
Of course some people just want to risk taking the Queen!!


Negi said...

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