October 8, 2011

Joy in Sun City -Meeting up with former student

A kind friend gave me a surprise - breakfast in Sun City of Miri.

Sun City used to have extremely good food a while ago and I have not been there for a long time.

I really had liked the atmosphere (when it first started)-in the evenings some karaoke - some real musician playing (Stephen Goh) and a good bar. There were then lots of waiters and waitresses who served with a smile and a gentle loving kindness. Business in Miri has been difficult with lots of competition. Often what is great to a small minority does not last.

Hence Sun City has become what it is now - another fairly ordinary eatery. The idea of a musical evening does not seem to be popular here. Sigh.

But as for breakfast..it is still a good place to go for some nice morning fare.

Joyce was my student in Sibu many years ago and it was nice to meet up with her and her husband - a cheerful and supportive kind of guy. Lin has a great sense of humour.

Joyce still looks like what she used to look like in the classroom - pensive..full of good thoughts...and quiet. She has not change a single bit.

Great dish to order...kolo mee with phoenix legs (chicken feet) and a good portion of vegetables
My Foochow Egg and Rice Vermicelli (lots of fish balls and liver)

The soup is thickened with a good peck or two of Foochow red wine and  meat broth. This is a dish you can go back for again and again...Even those who are not Foochows have also grown to like it.

when you are retired it is good to enjoy some quality time with friends in a nice place like Sun City where customers do not talk too loudly. Besides I really like the glass windows and green plants which keep out the dust and heat. Located in a corner in Miri it is a preferred place to take friends and family. Kids can also enjoy watching the colourful koi in the artificial pool found in the middle of the outlet.


Bengbeng said...

it is nice whether one is a pensioner or not. but it is difficult toget away from loud talk nowadays

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Bengbeng...I would rather think many pensioners prefer to be reclusive and stay at home to look after grandkids...and then they would also be busy running after their grandkids in the restaurants...thus missing out quality time.

I know only too well...why must people eat and talk loudly at the same time!! I know I cannot do that...sigh.

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