October 20, 2011

Pansar of Sibu

One of the oldest "modern" enterprises of Sibu is Pansar (or Pan Sarawak) started by the late Datuk Temenggong Tai Sing Chii and his friends. Sibu Kutien people in particular are mourning the loss of their strong leader who passed away on Monday.

After having dug through some old images/photos etc...I came up with this old photo.

From left,1- Hock Chu Huoe,2-Ah Lo's shop(Later Chiew Geok Lin Finance)3-Chieng Kek Ming shop (nice elderly gentleman who lives in Ek Dee Road),4-Wah Tat Bank(Chew Geok Ling was the founder.)5-Tai Hock's shop,6-Ah Wu/Ah Chai's father's shop(sells refrigeraters and makes ice cream blocks)Malaya Photo shop upstairs, and a kompia shop downstairs.7-Tong Ing medical shop,8-Poh Guan medical shop.(Wong Gee Tai runs the shop with sons, Teck Kong, Teck Tan.) This photo is from Tommy Wong (the son of Chu Seng Towkay - whose shop is next to Mui Soon Coffee Shop)

Please enjoy another slice of Sibu History via a photo by Chong Chong Hian and remember the old Pansar office at Old Street (now Jalan Chew Geok Lin).

Photo : Chong Chong Hian

I am sure many people in Sibu would remember the proprietors of Pan Sar and how they helped  build a great brand for Sibu.


Ann said...

My home town, once I returned to visit, overnight they changed two direction road to one, and drivers complained it was very confusing.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hahahah Ann...nowadays it is hard to drive around in Sibu... I get "lost" most of the time. Perhaps need GPS..but then the Satelite cannot catch up with the rapid changes. sigh.

Anonymous said...


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