October 14, 2011

Seria's Breakfast with Colonial Flavour

I can bet with my bottom Brunei dollar that the Universal Cafe in Seria is the cleanest kopitiam in Borneo thanks to the sharp eyes of the towkay and towkay neo.

And because of the cleanliness and the simple but long lasting and traditional menu of more than 40 years the customers come every day without fail. You may have the wait in the Five Foot Way for a seat or table. Sharing a table is not unknown. And you can feel so welcome by your new table mates.

Also..go in small groups of not more than four! If you have a group of six you might have to beg for the extra and lovely forty year old kopitiam chairs - genuine from Germany!!

Here's a peep of what you can get.

Kopi O - genuine stuff .

Perfectly done French Toast with a spoonful of sugar
How do you eat a slice of French toast? Slice with butter knife gently and chew slowly to enjoy the egg coating and the lovely bread.
In this shop you can surprise yourself...Yes..you have a good choice of Peanut Butter Filling and/or Cheese Filling...How much  more can you be spoilt?
And to top it all off - English jelly in a traditional jelly cup and a wonderful scoop of Peppermint Icecream....

I am happy...until the next Universal Cafe fix....


Ann said...

breakfast is not my thing. I am a late owl, and would rather have a simple breakfast. But give me Kam Pua, That is another story. I will wake up in the wee hours of the morning.

Anonymous said...

mmmm...the French toast looks "torturing". loves the way you described them all,Sarawakiana

-Ah Ngao

Anonymous said...

Dear Ann
My breakfast is usually at ten if I want to enjoy one either alone or with friends/family at home or in a kopitiam. But I can never eat early unless I am camping and someone else prepares the breakfast and we have to eat according to a time table.

But having a huge buffet breakfast to me is absolutely sinful. A buffet breakfast is more a social gathering than a meal.

If I have choices this would be my list....Kampua is nice once a week. French toast should be ok once a month!! I hardly eat rice porridge nowadays. l egg and 1 huge slice of papaya is heavenly!!


Anonymous said...

Ah Ngao...
Kuching has 1001 breakfasts to choose from!! Thanks for your compliments.


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