November 22, 2011

Fu Chao Cafe of Oya Road

We were given a wonderful reception at the Three Pillars Farm in Oya Road when we made a special impromptu visit. Our main aim was to photograph the Wild Red Durian Flowers and the huge chillies which were growing in the farm. Even the rain and the growing darkness did not dampen our spirits.

At the end of the tour when it was nearly 7.30 and in total darkness we left for a delightful canteen operated by Mr.Wong's father-in-law. The cafe was called Fu Chao Cafe. It interestingly serves all people from all walks of life and especially the farm workers who work in Oya Road. It is similar to a roadside cafe in the USA where truck drivers would stop for a meal of burgers.

However  apart from serving the usual Kampua Mee earlier in the day this cafe is famous for its traditional Foochow Fried Noodles which is loved by most traditional Foochows who miss grandma's noodles. It is also a favourite item ordered by people from other racial backgrounds who enjoy fried noodles from different cuisines!!

Foochow Fried Noodles  - the best well fried noodles - with lots of fresh vegetables and a bit of pork. The secret of frying this noodle is the skill of frying the noodles without getting them stuck to the bottom of the kuali and having each noodle strand separated from each other. Any gluey and sticky balls of noodles would not be a compliment to the chef!!
Foochow Fried Kuey Tiaw with tomato sauce.
Owners of Three Pillars Farm Mr and Mrs. Wong and their daughter Miss Wong. Mr. Wong like his brothers is completely "white haired" a distinguishing feature of the Wong brothers. Miss Wong is an excellent baker!!
Fresh midin - very delicious - and organic and so crispily fresh.
Hot Foochow onion and egg drop soup!! On a rainy day this is the best soup to share with  good friends and family.
This reminds me of my very resourceful grandmother who was very hospitable to any passersby who was stranded in our village. He or she would be invited to stay over night. If we did not have meat or chicken on the table at any moment my grandmother would be able to produce a few new eggs from the hens and lots of spring onions from the garden. This egg drop soup is so welcoming !! It goes well with salted fish and may be a can of braised bamboo. A feast for a tired traveller!!

All of a sudden I felt that I really missed my grandmother and her home in Ah Nang Chong and how she treated the passersby so cordially. It goes without saying that aroma of a special dish brings back special memories. And this soup does it to me all the time.

And so it is a temporary good bye to Three Pillars' Farm...and I am sure we will be back again. (Photo from Three Pillars' Farm blog)
Thanks to the Wong Family.


Anonymous said...

the Midin really looks A1 fresh and delicious. tell you 1 story.i once tried out a restaurant(dont wanna say the name otherwise they may sue me)near BDC Kuching. we ordered a plate of Midin and younno what we get ? stalks ..! Midin stalks and very very little of those curvy curvy top parts of the Midin. my wife said to me," come on lah...just shut up and eat up and next time,no more coming here" i said," no ! they taking me for granted " i called the towkey neo and explain my dissatisfaction. surprisingly,the towkey neo also was surprized why we were serve this kind.last last,we were served another plate of "proper" Midin...hahaha

- Ah Ngao

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ah Ngao...good for you!! But your wife has a good gentle and kind.

I love the midin when it is just one curl. cheers.

sarawaklens said...

I love Foochow cha-chu-mee, will have to visit some of these places when I'm next in Sibu!
@Ah Ngao, the second plate sometimes may come with "extra" ingredient leh... lol

Anonymous said...

aiyo,yo... Sarawaklens - you so "creative",dont dare try your eatery if you open one in future ,..kekekeke

- Ah Ngao

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Sarawaklens..yes Char chu mien is one of my favourites...If it has some fish it is best!!

yenting said...

Greetings from Maui,

I am interested in coming to Sarawak in search of the red durian. I plan to go around January 12 to Kuching and would like to know, if Three Pillars will have red durian around then........if you have their contact information it would be much appreciated. On the hunt for this wonderful fruit!


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داليا said...

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