November 21, 2011

Hidden Dangers in Miri

I am not a rocket scientist or a road engineer. But I know what can be very dangerous when I see one or even when it is on paper. Call it a woman's sixth sense or intuition.

So allow a woman to point out one hidden danger in Miri.

Look at the statistics -  more than 20 cars have been struck by this hidden danger in Miri (recorded by a proprietor in the area) in one year. That is more than enough proof that these steel bars or rods or whatever you call them are dangerous.

Then aesthetically speaking...a major road to a shopping centre should be pretty and attractive. This small lane is more or less like a back lane for unloading and loading. And very often cars stop to let beautiful passengers off to enter the nice restaurants because of lack of parking space of the esteemed restaurant. When it rains cars queue up in this area because of the bottlenecking situation..and the roundable (which should facilitate smooth flow of traffic) is jammed up to Boulevard Shopping centre!! One can't say and forgive all the time..."This is Miri...."

Personally I think the width of the major road leading to this particular shopping centre is really too small. A small car like mine trying to be more on the left side of the road to give space to huge Harrier the size of a lorry will definitely hit the steel bar or whatever you call it!! Is it for safety? Is it to prevent cars parking here? If it is the latter..please just put some yellow lines or a huge sign board at eye level....Now are we seeing eye to eye? Well if the authorities insist then RAISE the Bar to eye level...and I think lots of young men would be sitting there in the evenings to admire the beautiful ladies passing by like the Italian men in Milan!! They really do that in style .

Well if MMC is so can always put a CCTV at that corner...Not long ago a huge Mercedes also has a punctured tyre...( according to a very good source). The Merc had to limp to the nearest garage. We all know that it is not easy to take out a tyre from a Merc. And a villager cannot do that easily. Not even the best of tyre thieves. What a waste of the important man's time!!

Can you see this bar from your car?
Try knocking your KNEE against this sharp end....
And I think a wheel chair would not like to meet this "fiend".
A very helpful Iban man helping an old lady with her punctured tyre. I think a tyre shop in this shopping centre would be a winner!!
Beyond repair...RM200 gone from the pension or hard earned salary...No more treats this month in the  Resort City. They often say...Budget Pecah Sudah!! Like the tyre!!
More of these in Miri please!! And don't drive absent mindedly at any time in Miri...Yeah..don't drink and drive..don't  answer your handphone...Can Nokia please make a gadget to tell callers that the phone owner is driving and cannot come to the phone because he/she is driving? Nokia..please help drivers who are driving in a dangerous town.

How best do we make Miri a better city?

I believe we have to give due considerations to the comfort and safety of our citizens - and even more so their pockets.. A city is supposed to be very civilized and well managed with no hidden dangers lurking in the roads - in the centre or at the sides...


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