November 11, 2011

Kertang (Bigger cousin of the Garupa) @ Luak (Miri)

There's a lot of hype about 11:11 (time) 11.11.11 (date) mine's my best and most exciting photographer's experience for my 2011 blogging life.

On my way home from a lovely lunch I almost over turned my car when my little left eye spied on a dark image..I quickly did a U Turn and went to the neat Luak shophouse complex.

The kertang is the big brother of the Garupa (Portuguese word for Grouper ) or Siak Ban (Chinese). This monster fish can be found near the shores of Sarawak and Brunei and especially in the river mouths.

Big kertang can reach up to 300 kg. This one is 200 kg and is 7 foot long.

The flesh of the bigger fish may be tougher but is just as sweet. It is good for deep frying or deep fried with batter.

A good way of cooking this fish is the tom yam version of steamed fish with lots of ladies' fingers and the Sarawak terong or golden brinjal which gives the soup a sourish tangy taste.

some people love to eat the eyes...but I wonder if the fish lips of this one are nice...They look terribly thick and tough.
This is the towkay of Fishermen's Village - a large and popular corner eatery in Luak Bay in Miri.
She is the fish seller at Luak Bay.
A group of friends enjoying a photo session . It is nice to have such a great team working together like this. Some fun...some good work...and good attitude.
I would of course like to hear workers sing as they work!

May you also have some great photos taken with big fish!!


Anonymous said...

yes,you're right - some bigger2 than this one. even cook curry fish head also very big,i mean cant find that big plate or bowl. have to cut into smaller piece. i loves curry/assam fish about you,Sarawakiana ??
- Ah Ngao

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi..Ah Ngao..this is really huge..I like Chao Chu Mee Hoon with nice fish head..or just fish head mee hoon...very tasty..and if the fish is deep fried with batter and added to mee hoon soup...excellent. Not much of a curry eater.

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