November 2, 2011

Kuching Wanton Skins and Yunnan Wanton

Often after you come back from a very exciting and tiring holiday you would not think about it any more for a long time because you have to catch up with a lot of work. But somehow the days in Yunnan keep cropping up in my mind as if there are so many stories wanting to jump onto the pages in front of me.
Amazingly wrapped wan ton skin for sale in Kuching

When I saw the wanton skins all wrapped up and placed so cosily in a bed of plastic  in Kuching I wanted to tell the stories of eating wanton in Yunnan to my sisters and mother !

How my thoughts came back to me so vividly!!

Here is the story then......

When you are in a foreign land you might find it a little uneasy to have breakfast in an unfamiliar you are out of your comfort zone. But then when you have a few good and kind friends helping you to feel adjusted to the strange ways you are do feel at ease more readily. Hence eating in a little eatery around Nan Hu in Mengzi was a special every day event for us for a few days. And the silky wan ton was really memorable. On the first day we tried to share a bowl between two persons...the next day every one had one small bowl each...and I think by the third day some one ordered two big bowls for himself!!

The shop does not do dry wan ton like in Malaysia.

If and When I go back to Mengzi I will go immediately to the shop and eat a whole big bowl by myself and remember all the good times.

A big bowl of wan ton Yunnan style is 3.50 RMB. A smaller one costs 2.50 RMB.
A spoon of the silky soft and memorable. I think it is the  good  Chinese flour that makes the wan ton skin so good. Or there might be a secret ingredient!!

Free condiments you can take as much as you like...preserved radish (pink bowl) and salted vegetables. This eatery has only four tables and the  young husband and wife team makes all the baos and wan ton in the shop in the morning . Customers get to see how fast they work. In no time their baos are finished in the morning rush. Take away customers are more  than sit down customers.

Besides these two items the proprietors also make ready packed Tou Foo Milk and Porridge.

Each table could accommodate four persons. So we took a big portion of the free condiments (above we too spring onions and the special chili sauce)

This is the lovely chili sauce (dried chillies and Si Chuan peppercorns and red chili oil with chopped onions and vinegar) The addition of vinegar to the wan ton soup really makes it remarkable.

It is true that a good breakfast gives our day a good start and we can work better for our God who has provided so much for us!! So while there we had special blessed Wan Ton Power!!

A simple meal becomes truly a celebration when it is eaten with love.

A big thank you to my friends who always care and share food with such great love!!


Ann said...


you heard of the Sabah snake grass that people say cures cancer?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ann...yes I have a pot of the snake grass at home here..and lots of people do grow it. People also grow the South African Tea..which is good for high blood pressure. Beng Beng seems to have a lot of good things to say about snake grass. (My Longkang).... What have you heard?

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