November 10, 2011

One Tree and Three Pillars Farm in Sibu

It is true I had come all the way from Miri to photograph the wonderful flowers!

It was quite dark and raining when we arrived at the Three Pillars Farm in Oya Road. I only had a few hours left before I returned to Miri .

Wong Meng Lei the Chief Administrative Officer of the Methodist Message was enthusiastic and kind enough to bring three of us to see the famous Nyaka (Durian) tree now at the end of its flowering period. The Nyeka is red in colour and so are its flowers. Brilliantly red . The tree here is grown from seed from the wild fruit. So it is not exactly a commercialised cloned variety. Hence the beauty of this special tree. It stands 200 feet tall and is growing on a nice well drained hill slope.

Keen photographers are usually keen to shoot rare sights and scenes. For us local scenes in the rural areas are favourites.

The road to the tree is muddy and slippery but it was like a great adventure for me ..and as the light dimmed I was worried about my own camera skills.

Close up of the red durian flowers.
Yang Yi Fang - she has just published her collection of Medicinal Plants in the Garden
Wong Meng Lei  - Famous Foochow author
Steve Ling _ President of the Sibu Photographic Society
Sunset over the hills of the Three Pillars Farm (owned by the Wong Brothers)Excellent Hawaiian Papayas and huge chillies are produced here. Sweet Honey Tangerines also grow well here. Some are exported to Miri when there is enough production.
Saying good bye to this rare tree is sad. But the day is done..and we have to go home.

Sometimes in life we cannot plan exactly what we should do every day...This trip of only a few hours brought a lot of joy to the participants..A rare adventure...and so much learning thanks to all my friends!!

"Man plans but God disposes..."


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