December 17, 2011

Brunei Songket - an actual loom within a shop!!

The Yayasan Buidling of Bandar Brunei Darusalam offers fantastic shopping facilities. But the most wonderful outlet is the mini-songket living museum right at the entrance (facing the river Brunei or Kedayan).

You can't miss it!! Here I have some photos to show you the splendid shop-cum-mini-museum of a living cultural skill!!

A view of the whole loom....

The beautiful loom for songket making....a legacy of women of olden days....

Beautiful threads...slowly turning into a beautiful piece of Songket...the pride of Brunei.

The skilful young lady and her loom...this may take her three months to finish.

Modern hand made silk  products from local people as well as foreign countries.
Lovely embroidery for the neck of the traditional Baju Kurong/kebaya..Hand made this costs a bomb and especially prepared for a wedding!!

Lovely view of the outside from the shop!!

Another shot of the loom...and the wooden threading wheels - isn't women's weaving skills amazing? And this has been with us for perhaps 20 generations or more??!


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sintaicharles said...

I have not been to Yayasan for a long time and it must have been a new one. Awesome!

Anonymous said...
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Sarawakiana@2 said... year end...the place is full of people...

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