December 1, 2011

Red Seeds for Birds in Winter - England

(This is a scheduled article for lst of December 2011 which I wrote earlier on in the year in case I would be too busy towards the end of the year....I thank all my friends who helped make my trip to England so wonderful and memorable. I thank Judy for asking me to accompany her to the "ends of England" and I thank God for his Provisions every where I go.)

December is the last month of the year and my family of Foochow descent since 1901 usually get ready for Christmas and the New Year. As we count the days and sing carols (or play DVDs of Christmas carols on the player) we also prepare our hearts and our homes for the Birth of Christ. We pray for peace and joy and good will to all man kind. You will be surprised that we actually carry on with this tradition in a Western way due to the influence of Rev and Mrs. James Hoover who served in Sibu for 35 years!

Their first Christmas in Sibu was much anticipated and the whole Sibu congregation came to celebrate with them!!

Back to the present.

And how wonderful it is that we can take a lesson from nature. From God's loving kindness. There is always beauty in God's way. In comparison man's ways can be ugly - kicking dogs and animals around -abusing wives and children - giving crumbs to old people - and being impolite to people of other races - and trying to kill some illegal looking migrants on the road when driving a huge 4 Wheel....

Feed the birds!!

Nature has its marvellous ways. In the cold winter God provides enough nourishment for birds when some ever greens give their best red seeds to feed the birds!

How wonderful nature is. All these shots were taken in England recently at fairly close range but no bird was in sight though. A pity.

These red seeds remind us how nature takes its course. And I in response would say we too must do our best to provide as much as possible for God's creations whether they are  big or small. We have the help the defenceless and the weak. Let the strong do what they can..but let the weak live because they too have the right to life!!

Red is a good colour.. is the colour of blood. is the colour of love and heart is the colour of happiness is the colour of joy is the colour of celebration is the colour of life! is the colour of Christmas is the colour of gifts is the colour of strength is the colour of birth and therefore renewal!

It is my dearest wish that as we anticpate the birth of Christ this Christmas we too must share our blessings with all around us and bring Peace and Harmony to the world...and that means every one or every living being on this earth!

May the Prince of Peace come with a message of love for all. Peace! Joy!


LifeRamblings said...

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Love those pops of red, one of my all time favorite colours!

Sarawakiana@2 said...


thanks..I agree with you. Christmas is a wonderful time.

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