February 24, 2012

Flying Horse Brand Soy Sauce of Miri

Just a drop of soy sauce and we could eat our porridge rapidly. There is just so much taste in soy sauce during our childhood.

Soy sauce is indeed a comforting condiment . My childhood was really remarkable because of just a small dish of soy sauce every day be it the thick verson or thin watery version. And we were not aware of the nastiness of too much salt in our lives.

In fact so many families I knew of honestly claimed that it was soy sauce who saved them when they had so little to eat!! Just rice..a bit of soy sauce and some peanuts or bean sprouts every day until the bread winner could bring back more earnings!!

The Flying Horse Brand of Miri was started with the recipe of a wonderful woman!! So indeed behind a successful man is a strong and intelligent woman.

One of the most popular soy sauce produced in Asia is the Flying Horse brand. And not many people actually realise that the factory is actually situated in Miri itself.

for years the factory in Krokop Miri has a huge bottle of Flying Horse Brand Soy Sauce at the gates as its landmark.

The compnay is family owned and actually the soy sauce recipe came from the great grandmother who originated from China. Today the well educated third and fourth generations are running the company using modern techniques and systems of management.

Established in year 1967, Hua Chan Sauce Factory (Miri) began producing soy sauce in bottles in Krokop in Miri.

In 2004 the compnay moved to its new premises. The  company in  2005,  was accreditated with the RvA Quality & Food Safety Management System (HACCP) certificate (Reg. No. 051101h) and HALAL Certificate (No. Jakim / (22. 00) / 492 / 2 / 1024-11 / 2004) .
Furthermore in 2009, the company successfully obtained ISO 22000:2005 (Food Safely Management) certification. In the same year, the company upgraded its RvA HACCP to MS1480:2007 HACCP certification.

The soy sauces are naturally brewed and high quality soy bean from Canada and the crystal white seawater salt from Australia are the main raw materials. the soy sauce is aged for full flavor to give the wonderful flavor and aroma.

Products' name: Dark Soy Sauce, Light Soy Sauce, Thick Soy Sauce
Brand name: Flying horse
Place of origin: Sarawak, Malaysia


anand said...

ISO 22000:2005 consultant for food safety policy:
ISO 22000:2005, commonly known as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a food safety system. HACCP is an organized method that analyzes food processes and determines the possible hazards

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