February 15, 2012

Tapioca Leaves with Torch Ginger Flowers Stir Fry

Quoting from my friend XXXX "If I cook this dish for my husband...he will love me ten times more!!"

I too believe that this is almost the National Dish of Sarawak!!

This dish is without doubt an all time favourite amongst those who have grown up with tapioca leaves in their backyard and those who have accept the Iban culture as their own.

Tapioca growing in a backyard ...a good Iban housewife would plant this immediately when she moves to a new house.

this is the traditional way of pounding the tapioca leaves - a big wooden mortar with a wooden  pestle. You can however use an ordinary mortar and pestle..or just use your hands to crunch the leaves.

In my family...love is a plate of tapioca leaves stir fry...or daun ubi goreng.....


Ann said...

my mum used her hands, may be that as why I didn't eat it.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

No people still use hands and rub the sap out against a basket or a basin...or even squeezed by hand. Hands should be clean.

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