February 14, 2012

Would I cook you a Valentine Day's Dinner?

What shall I write on Valentine's Day?

A Poem perhaps?

A Little Love Goes a Long Way

If I am in the mood and you fill my heart
 I can heat up my stove for you
May be that little spark is still there
And it is enough to ignite a love deep within

But that depends on if I love you enough
And so if I do love you enough...
I would go to the beach and catch crabs
...trap a soft shelled tortoise

If I do love you enough
I would go into the jungle
and pick some meedin
and fry up a spicy dish of the ferns

That is...
if I love you enough
and you love me enough to make me love you enough.....
But may be ..EVEN if you don't love me that much

I will cook you a fine dinner...anyway...
For may be a little love goes a long long way.

Feb 14th...

To all my friends and loved ones...Valentine's Day is a day for dreams...and  never let disappointments cloud your sense of judgement...

Make your love for the world a special energy to get you set your sights and ambitions at another and higher level!

You have a heart and let your love flow out to those around you...

God has a good plan for you!! All of us are surrounded by love in all its manifestations and even the loneliest can find that sparkle somewhere if he cares to look for it.

Food for thought!! And these photos will sum up my feast for you.....

Labi labi (soft shelled tortoise) cooked in special herbs..
Deep fried three egg crabs
Stir fried mee din in Foochow Red Wine

Happy Valentine's Day from Sarawak......


wenn said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks Wenn....

Ann said...

CY. cook me the midin, and |I love you.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hahahahaha Ann...sure...My mum won't eat midin...I have a story to tell about her and her sister in law during the Japanese Occupation!! Also if I cook for her..she won't love me anymore kind of story!!

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