March 25, 2012

Creative Toothpick Container

Ancient people used it. The Persians used it. The Italians used it.

The Chinese even made gold ones and wear it around their neck from a gold chain. It was for years an important gold ornament. A few of my aunts had them.

I am talking about toothpicks. Every day we use it to clean our teeth and diners ask for them constantly.

in the USA the first toothpick-manufacturing machine was developed in 1869, by Charles Forster. Another was patented in 1872, by Silas Noble and J. P. Cooley.I wonder when the Chinese started to manufacture toothpicks.

I was at Hua Loong Coffee Shop in Miri and was surprised to be given this bottle which holds toothpicks.

Mr. Lu the Foochow Mee stall owner said "You can supply the coffee shop with brand new and good looking tooth pick holders. They won't last a day because many people who come into the coffee shop ask for tooth picks and they will take home the container as well!! So I designed this tooth pick holder out of a Polleny Essence has been with me for years!!"

It is true that one of the worst losses coffee shop owners and restaurant owners make is the small item like toothpick holders and even teaspoons.

Observant waiters and waitresses have to retrieve these items before the diners leave!! But again when the outlet is so busy..."flickers who are quick in their hands" walk out with precious items....

Pity we still have people who have "strange mentality".

Mr. Lu is a genious in designing this creative toothpick holder. Functional .

Mr. Lu serves one precious item - Chow Yi Char (smelly root) mee you can come and support him every now and then. Taman Jade Manis.


Daniel Yiek said...

I remember the gold toothpick on a chain!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes Daniel...must visit some goldsmiths' shops in Sibu tosee if I could take some photos...


Ann said...

ever heard the Kelabit tooth pick story? It can be converted to an Iban story, because my Bidayu relative also tell the same story.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ann..pray tell...

Ann said...

u know my Kelabit BIL? He had an uncle. The uncle came to Miri, and were treated to a Chinese meal. he went back to Bario, and the people ask, how's the Cina makan, all very good, except the last course. It was impossible to eat.

It came in a little container. The host served it to everybody. everybody took one and put it in their mouth. i too one too, .......... he thought the toothpick was for you to eat.

Culture shock, like my sis E goes to a Kelabit house, and takes the bowl of instant noodle for herself.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ann...Now I understand what is the meaning of "last course"..I have heard it several times but did not realise the story behind. I thought they were referring to the last action...pick the teeth!!

Your sis and family must be amused!!