March 8, 2012

International Women's Day

Each March 8TH  Malaysia JOINS 176 other nations to celebrate the achievements of  women.

And this year I have picked this photo to represent the patience of women of Malaysia.

My early morning photo of an acquaintance - a woman who  has been fishing in Luak Bay all her life...this is her patient pose...while waiting for the sea to give her the long awaited for tiny shrimps or bubuk to make belacan or cincaluk for 2012!!

We definitely have to celebrate the achievements of our women.....We have women who

+ brave the elements to look for food in the sea and the mountains.

+ take out boats to fish in the river when their men are away somewhere else and they have to HEAD their family.

+ fight against men to earn a living in the construction sites

+ stand all the way from the interior in rough bus rides to bring their jungle produce to the Sunday markets in the cities

+ slash and burn secondary jungles to produce rice for the nation

+ provide breast milk for their new born babies

+ collect rain water to quench the thirst of their elderly

+ wash clothes by the river banks when the wells dry up and there is no pipe water from the government at all

+ trap animals and birds to feed their hungry

+ weave baskets out of rattan they collect in the thick equatorial forests

+ walk miles to send their small children to boarding school

+ sweep the streets in the cities every day

+ empty rubbish bins in the malls

+ clean the toilets in schools and offices

the list goes on and on.....

if these are not achievements I do not know what we can call them!!

This year we should award these UNKNOWN / SILENT women for their ACHIEVEMENTS against all odds!!


Anonymous said...

Absolute agreed!

But on the other hand, I am more interested in fighting for EQUAL rights rather than special rights. I like to be treated just like anyone else, and not just BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN.

IF we have a day for the woman, we should have a day for the man, because there are men in this world are not treated rights either ... for example the homeless (MAN), the street cleaner (MAN) etc.

I am looking for a world that is colourless, sexless, ageless, what else? where we do not have to spend time fighting against one-another, but use all those wasted time to do some good for human kind or animal-kind (I am an animals lover) ...

SO, let's not fight for special rights, let just treat all deserving people as equal!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sarawakania, nice posting.
To me money would be of no value if no women, ha ha....
Imagine life without women....habis cherita.
You have a nice weekend.

Ann said...

CY, you and I are lucky women, My maternal grandma used to tell me, if you were in China, you will be sold off as a bloody useless girl. You probably won't, as the first girl. I was number 3. My sis -n law, number 3 was sold off.

You and I were educated, we can change our world by our pen in our little way.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks for writing in !! Nice to be able to share with women and men on women issues...and fighting for rights will always be there.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Uncle Lee

Of course a humourous man like you cannot have tales to tell if no women around too....Cheers...Hope spring brings you more love and more joy.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

My grandfather had 13 daughters and every one educated. Some men have 10 and all of them end up supporting the family more than their fathers ever thought possible. Lots of tales from the Rajang...those who were sold also did well...And I truly believe God above is watching over every one. If I was sold...I would have tried my best rise above others..given the brains...and those who were not lucky probably had honour and dignity in what ever they did!! So many stories to tell!!

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