March 19, 2012

Matang's Mushroom and Vegetable Farm

It was interesting how I got to the farm after asking for directions twice.

First direction - "It's near the TYT's new mansion"...we drove and felt quite lost. Well goodness me..we are not in the loop...we don't even know that the TYT is getting a new mansion...He lives in the Astana as far as we know...and if we may say so..our TYT is from Sibu and he should actually build his mansion in his hometown!! Well it is really not for me to say.

Second direction - "Oh it's simple - go to the Red Bridge..come to the traffic lights..and take the road on the and you won't miss it..."

We drove for about 12 miles and passing through several small and quaint Bidayuh and Chinese villages we finally found it.

Upon reflection in real life we really need good road maps. With a busy lifestyle my sister does not have a lot of time in her hands to get lost...she likes going directly from A to Z and then home in the shortest possible time.

We had driven since 8 in the morning and had lost precious time. But then again a friendly guy the day before had said.."You can't get lost on from the roundabout. and you will find it.."

Another view of the Matang Range from the farm
View of the Matang Range from the farm..lovely tree
Extremely fresh mushrooms
Sarawak farm hand clipping fresh mushrooms for packing
new vegetables growing under netting.

A visit to the farm is very interesting.

First of all the farm being quite a new kid on the block it is still "new" and developing. And the employees are very friendly and helpful.

Secondly there are not many drop in shoppers or "purchasers" at the moment so the employees are happy to have a bit of a chat session with inquisitive visitors like me.

Best of all...I was allowed to roam freely and take photos..However the sun was really too strong by that time.

We did not go further into the back as it was time to go home to cook lunch. We did not come to buy fresh chickens which were available in the farm too. My sister will definitely come again to get the chickens and ducks..

We went home with fresh mushrooms and dried mushrooms...and lots of photos.

It is a nice place to visit with children who like the outdoors and especially farms. And may be it would be good to bring my mother too one day now that we know exactly how to get there in the shortest possible time ..without the fear of getting lost on the way. Mum is another person who likes to get from A to Z in the shortest and least troublesome way.

By the way older Foochows should come here because this is Foochow owned farm....and every one speaks good Foochow....So this is an extra pull factor.

And like a true Malaysian I end up saying....I can't give you the exact address because "the business is new and they do not have business cards yet..." so you just have to ask for directions..Pass the Red Bridge please...and don't take the highway.

May be it's time to travel with a GPS.


Ann said...

The first time I want to matang was when I was in BLTC for a short time. we went to climb Mt Matang. By the end of it, my toe big toes were black. I still have photos with Hii something who went to Kai Chung, we were playing in the "waterfall."

Sarawakiana@2 said... us the photo!! I have not been to the Matang Waterfalls yet!!

Ann said...

I will send you the photos.

Chew Miaw Choo said...

nice place. follow your description can easily found the way, thanks a lot.

Trinity Eldercare said...

Hi, I am Mdm Lee from Trinity ElderCare Centre from Kuching. Our Centre is providing day care service for elderly with variety activities and program ongoing. I would like to organise a trip to "Matang Mushroom & Vegetables Farm" for my elderly. Please kindly advise is there any convenience date and time for us. If possible please provide contact number for me to keep in touch on this matter.
Thank you very much

Mdm Lee

En Jay said...

Hi, may I get contact number and address of this farm? Thank you.

chong siew tee said...

Hi, may I know the contact number? I want to organize a trip for my students...

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