March 2, 2012

Reunion in Sarikei ( after 45 years!!)

A young Lawrence Wong Liong Ming studied in St. Anthony's School in Sarikei and stopped at the Kampua Mee Stall belong to Mr. Loh for lunch before leaving to teach afternoon classes in another school to earn enough for his siblings. Mr. and Mrs. Loh were exceptionally kind people who were on the look out to help struggling students.

Not long ago I took a photo of Mr. and Mrs. Loh in Sarikei and blogged about them. That photo helped Judy Wong and Her brother Lawrence to re-unite with the couple last month!!

I believe this is definitely one way of putting blogging to good use...and of course photographers can do their bit in social concern and outreach.

Judy wrote to me attaching her photos......

"Mr and Mrs Loh so so very happy and touched to see us and kept saying they felt so honoured that we would make a special trip to visit them. Such a simple act and yet it meant so much to them. They insisted on treating us lunch!!"

We ended up eating at a restaurant owned by my primary school classmate , lated Lau Kuok Siew, the youngest sister of MR Lau Kuok Ding (formerly pastor, teacher at Meth, ).then Principal at RTC etc"
ReunionTrip 201.jpg
Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Wong in Sarikei
ReunionTrip 199.jpg
A few good dishes of Sarikei restaurant food.
ReunionTrip 198.jpg
"It was good in the old days...even though it was a was all worth it!!"

Those who know Mr and Mrs Loh would be happy for very satisfied customer indeed!!

Indeed a return or home journey is often warm and rewarding when we are able to thank all those who had in a way make our gorwing up years just that little bit more bearable!!

We hope Mr. and Mrs. Wong Liong Ming would have a rewarding trip back to Sarawak . Good health and God bless.


Daniel Yiek said...

Interesting. The last 3 pics were blurred on purpose?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Daniel..the photos were taken by Judy ..I did not attempt to do any touch ups..I really like this story.

Anonymous said...

Is tht Lawrence Wong the same person as the headmaster of the Ling Chu Ming school in the 70s?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Anonymous..yes you are right!! He came back to Sibu again after the last trip...

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