April 25, 2012

Mrs. Elizabeth Brewster in Sibu 1938

Ling Ngae Chuaong is now 83 years old and living just outside Sg. Merah in Sibu in an area which was once designated by the Brooke Government as Heng Hua Bah (Village). Blog owner of Rajang Basin visted him three weeks ago to trace the history and origins of the Heng Hua Pioneering families (22.05.1912 and 17.6.1913) of Sibu.
Mrs. Elizabeth Brewster (the Mother of the HengHuas) came to visit Sibu and her beloved Heng Hua  People in 1938.  The then 10 year old Ling Ngae Chuang  is standing on Mrs. Brewster's  left. This is a historically valuable photo for the Ling family. By 1938 the hard working Heng Hua pioneers have already cultivated rice and rubber and established their churches and schools in Sibu. They had married and had children Mr. Ling Sing Wei (who arrived on 17.6.1913) looked very prosperous standing tall and smart looking at the back in typical Tang or Chinese suit. Mrs. Brewster had taken off her sun hat to have the photo taken)
She must have felt so proud of her husband and his far sighted ideas and Mr. Ling Sing Wei

Between 1949 and 1951 she applied to the Chinese Government to allow her to continue to live amongst her beloved Heng hua people in Putien but her application was rejected. She finally left China in 1951 and later died in the United States. Many Putien people still remember her good work and sacrifices. Rev Ling King Yong who is now 92 years old in Du Wei of Putien remembers her presence during his wedding in 1941. Mrs. Ling passed away in 2011. (more on Rev Ling in a  later post)

I hope with this photo many of the descendants of Mr. and Mrs. Ling Sing Wei would come forward to contribute more information and historical facts to build up a good history of the Heng Hua People of Sibu!! Please contact Mr. Wong Meng Lei  of Sibu.

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