May 14, 2012

Worm Jelly Anyone?

A nice cold dish was first served to us in a special authentic Putien Seafood restaurant. the cold lamb is one dish that I am going to practise making until it is perfect like this. It would not be possible for me in Malaysia to make the worm jelly. (Photo by Sarawakiana)

- the lighting in the restaurant was dim and of varying quality. flickering fairy lights also did not help with so many reflecting surfaces of glass and chrome....I really need to improve my skills...but of course I am not apologising for my own faults..) It was a very very happy experience for my friends and I. It was to be a night of hard biscuits and 3 in 1 coffee. But out of the rain came 6 beautiful ladies who took us for a great authentic Heng Hua Dinner. Good rain season. Good people. God sent. Manna.
Photo from Google
Close up of the sandworm jelly (Photo by Sarawakiana)
side view of the jellied sandworm (Photo by Sarawakiana)
Photo from Google (Popular Sandworm jelly from Xiamen)
The sandworm is a kind of annelid ()Phascolosoma esculenta. Its body length is only one or two inches, but it has all the vital organs. Worm jelly is called the most delicious food in Xiamen. Actually, worm jelly also enjoys its reputation in Longhai, Zhangzhou and Anhai, Jinjiang.
( You can order this Ximen Worm Jelly西门土笋冻
at No. 33, Douxi Road, Siming District, Xiamen  - we had ours - once only in Putien)

It would be Interesting to note that the first species of this phylum was described in 1827 by the French zoologist Henri Marie Ducrotay de Blainville who named itSipunculus vulgaris

A related species was later described as Golfingia macintoshii by E. Ray Lankester. The specimen was provided by a friend of his Professor Mackintosh. The specimen was dissected by Lankester between rounds of golf at Saint Andrews golf club inScotland from which the species derives its name. Golfingia is now the genus name and Sipuncula the name of the phylum to which these worms belong.

To many it is known as "Xiamen's #1 specialty"

We had a good experience eating the jelly as our Putien sisters insisted on us trying their traditional food. I found it very tasty indeed. And would recommend friends to order this dish. However make sure that the outlet serves the genuine items (not just any agar agar!!)

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